Poker Dictionary

Poker Dictionary

 Poker Dictionary


If you’re beginner and know nothing about poker we will provide you with a small poker  dictionary.


  • Buy-In – the amount of money required to take part in the tournament. The term is also used reffering to the money required to sit at a poker table
  • Ante –  the money introduced in the game by each player in order to begin the game. It’s not used in a poker game with „blinds”. It’s purpose is to stimulate everybody to remain in the game, so they won’t lose the ante they’ve already paid.
  • Blind – the first two bets made by poker players from blind positions. It has this name because the two of them are forced to bet half of the minimum wage (the small blind) and the full minimum wage (the big blind) before receiving even a book.
  • Straddle – a voluntary bet equal to the big-blind made at the same time as blinds in general, before receiving cards that offer the privilege of the last betting action. It’s usually practiced in cashgame poker, and the rules that come with it may change.
  • Call – the simple completion of the bet already made in order to equal the bet of a poker player before you.
  • Check – the simple continuing of the game, without betting (only possible if the players before you didn’t raise as well)
  • Pot or family-pot – the name of the amount raised by all the players from the table
  • Bump/Kick– the term used for small poker bets
  • Limp – placeing of a minimum bet or of a call for the previous bet. It is also used with small blind at the moment of completing the minimum wage to get into the game „limping in”.
  • Stack – the number of chips you have in one game. It’s said that a poker player is „short stacked” when he has a few chips but also when he doesn’t have enough chips to give a call or to bet.


Poker Dictionary

What is poker?

What is Poker?


pokerFor several decades, there has been much debate around the question what poker is. Is it a normal gambling or intellectual sports as chess and checkers?  There is no answer to this question today.

We only know one thing: many people were able to make poker the main source of income and their profession.

Poker is a gambling in which the gain or loss is  determined only by player’s skill. Poker is clearly associated with casinos, and its multitude of games. No gambling is presented as the poker game.

The most popular are the Texas Hold’em, Omaha poker, Russian Poker, Oasis Poker, and Six-poker and many others that can be found in abundance in the online poker world. You can  find a partner for a game on any rates and types of poker at any time. In all poker rooms there are special tables where you can learn to play poker without money. All this makes poker one of the most undemanding and enjoyable activities.

You can be a professional, without winning the prestigious tournaments of the World Series of Poker WSOP. There is a huge number of people who make good money playing online poker for small rates. Some of them are so successful, they left their main job and earn their living exclusively by poker.

Absolutely all professionals are convinced that poker is a serious business that requires unique intellectual and psychological skills, and it has nothing to do with gambling. This is not accidently. All those who believe otherwise, are doomed to lose in the beginning of their poker career.