Casinos in Africa

Casinos in Africa

In Africa, there are 29 countries where there is a casino, and 3 countries where there is bettingCasinos in Africa, including betting on horse racing and dog racing, as well as a new type of gaming establishments – with slots or terminals for the game of poker.

In Africa, the largest number of casinos are located in South Africa, there are 45 casinos and 37793 slots. The largest casino in Africa – it’s GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World, located in Cape Town, South Africa. In this casino there are 60 gaming tables and 3,500 slots and poker terminals (or other gaming machines).

Gambling industry in Africa is developing faster and more active than ever. There are now hundreds of casinos, most of them are located in Egypt (more than 20 casinos) and South Africa (more than 40 casinos). Tourism is a significant source of income economies in Africa, and the tourists love to gamble. For the most part of them, Africa meets their needs.

Casino industry in Africa is going through a period of rapid growth, in connection with it there is a lot of both legal and illegal gambling. For example, representatives of the gambling industry recently signed the first agreement in the history of the continent of co-existence, and Africa was the first in the world to do it, after the United States.

Gambling is the most popular in South Africa, among the major on-line casinos can be enumerated Sun International, Gold Reef Casino Resorts, and Peermont Global. CASA Casino Association represents the interests of legal casinos in South Africa. In just eight years, a new industry – gambling – has brought the budget of 9 provinces, investment of over 12 billion South African rand, adding more than 36 billion South African rand to the overall GDP.