iPhones will soon be used as mobile casinos

iPhones will soon be used as mobile



iPhone userswill soon be able to bet with real money at online slots , after the American company Big Fish Games will introduce in the UK a version of its Big Fish Casino, where such games are legal.

The application will be available in the Apple App Store in the coming weeks, and the company Betable, partner of London ‘s Big Fish, will process bets in the program, reports Bloomberg .

Game developers are building digital versions of the casinos in Las Vegas, given that, according to Juniper Research, users of smartphones and tablets will bet 100 billion dollars annually through such devices by 2017, up from about 20 billion dollars last year .

“It is the greatest opportunity for game developers since the apparition of the Internet ,” said Christopher Griffin , CEO of Betable.

In the UK, companies like Betfair Group and William Hill are makeing casino applications for iPhone. Betabile collaborates with several other game manufacturers to launch real money games this year, Griffin said .

Apple Stores are hosting a growing number of casino applications, but the company does not receive a portion of the money from their sale, said Tom Neumayr, a spokesman for the company. These games are allowed in the App Store as long as local laws are complied with, he said.

Last year, Apple prevented Big Fish to operate a subscription- based service that would have given iPad users access to dozens of video games.

Many users pay for virtual currency to bet on slots, poker and other games of Big Fish, although they can not collect winnings. These users are likely to participate in real bets in casinos, said Paul Thelen, general manager of Big Fish.

IPhones will soon be used as mobile casinos for real bets

A Day at The Casino in Las Vegas

A Day at The Casino in Las Vegas.

How To Play a Salary Obtained in One Year, in Only One Night

A Day at The Casino in Las Vegas. How To Play a Salary Obtained in One Year, in Only One NightIt says that the only way you can make money in a casino is to own it. No wonder that those trying these gambling give the casino owners from around the world at least 100 billion dollars a year. And Las Vegas, this city of sin, city of lights and the city of casinos has only for him 10% of this figure.

At a poker table in the MGM casino from Grand Hotel in a typical weekday evening, four well-dressed gentlemens, most likely managers come to Las Vegas for work, bet on a hand of cards at least a thousand dollars .

Already playing for an hour and they have in front high-value chips, which attract many curious around the table regarding the fate of their game and the fortune of the game players.

Usually such big bets are not made at any ordinary table in the casino, but there is no absolute rarity. “Those four have played around $ 150,000,” said croupier Dave much later, after the game ended.

The amount contained at the same time the watch of one of the players “It is Swiss?”, asks from the other end of the poker table the american named Mike the one who has already lost since the first night 30.0000 dollars, the amount that for others is the salary for a year or more.

Owner gives nod affirmatively, adding that it cost about $15,000 and that he is willing to give it cheaper just to get the funding to recover losses. “I’ll give you $ 5,000 for it”, Mike continued with an air quite generous, facing probably a cumulative amount of $ 50,000.

They negotiated for a few hands of cards and have finally got to an agreement for an amount a little over $ 7,000, money that was lost in the casino anyway until the end of the evening.

Casinos in Africa

Casinos in Africa

In Africa, there are 29 countries where there is a casino, and 3 countries where there is bettingCasinos in Africa, including betting on horse racing and dog racing, as well as a new type of gaming establishments – with slots or terminals for the game of poker.

In Africa, the largest number of casinos are located in South Africa, there are 45 casinos and 37793 slots. The largest casino in Africa – it’s GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World, located in Cape Town, South Africa. In this casino there are 60 gaming tables and 3,500 slots and poker terminals (or other gaming machines).

Gambling industry in Africa is developing faster and more active than ever. There are now hundreds of casinos, most of them are located in Egypt (more than 20 casinos) and South Africa (more than 40 casinos). Tourism is a significant source of income economies in Africa, and the tourists love to gamble. For the most part of them, Africa meets their needs.

Casino industry in Africa is going through a period of rapid growth, in connection with it there is a lot of both legal and illegal gambling. For example, representatives of the gambling industry recently signed the first agreement in the history of the continent of co-existence, and Africa was the first in the world to do it, after the United States.

Gambling is the most popular in South Africa, among the major on-line casinos can be enumerated Sun International, Gold Reef Casino Resorts, and Peermont Global. CASA Casino Association represents the interests of legal casinos in South Africa. In just eight years, a new industry – gambling – has brought the budget of 9 provinces, investment of over 12 billion South African rand, adding more than 36 billion South African rand to the overall GDP.

Five Movies About Poker

Five Movies About Poker

 Five Movies About Poker

The poker industry exploded in the last decade. Probably most part of the atraction comes from the fact that the poker game requires a combination of skills and luck, and anyone can try to play, the physical condition or a bright mind not being a requirement. Also the movies about poker have enjoyed succes over the years, some of them presenting poker games of maximum intensity or defineing characters with an obsession for this game. Here are five movies you will enjoy if you are a poker ethusiast.

Rounders (1998)

Placed in New York, on the background of the poker players world, Matt Damon, as a master of the card game, trying to start a new life. The hero is a student at a Law School. For him faculty represents the safe road to success, but also a life lacking the emotions he feels playing poker.

Maverick (1994)

Maverick (Mel Gibson) is an invincible card player who is going to participate at a poker competition. The great prize is half of a million dollars. His opponents are planning to  remove him from the competition but, Maverick succeeds in the end to get on the ship where the competition was going to take place.

Casino Royale(2006)

The movie presents the beginning of James Bond’s career. His first mission as „agent 007” leads him to Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), a terrorist financier world-wide. To stop him and destroy the terrorist network, Bond needs to defeat Le Chiffre  in a poker game with high steaks, played at Casino Royale.

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Four young  men find them selves in very big debts after a poker game and they need to get the money really fast, or else the consequences are beyond imagination.. The movie is produced by Guy Ritchie.

Lucky You (2007)

The pasionate player Huck Cheevr (Eric Bana) meets the irresistable Billie Offer (Drew Barrymore). To take part in the World Poker Tournament, Huck gets $10.000, the participation fee. His presence at the tournament could bring him afront of his father, the double winner of the tournament (Robert Duvall).

What is poker?

What is Poker?


pokerFor several decades, there has been much debate around the question what poker is. Is it a normal gambling or intellectual sports as chess and checkers?  There is no answer to this question today.

We only know one thing: many people were able to make poker the main source of income and their profession.

Poker is a gambling in which the gain or loss is  determined only by player’s skill. Poker is clearly associated with casinos, and its multitude of games. No gambling is presented as the poker game.

The most popular are the Texas Hold’em, Omaha poker, Russian Poker, Oasis Poker, and Six-poker and many others that can be found in abundance in the online poker world. You can  find a partner for a game on any rates and types of poker at any time. In all poker rooms there are special tables where you can learn to play poker without money. All this makes poker one of the most undemanding and enjoyable activities.

You can be a professional, without winning the prestigious tournaments of the World Series of Poker WSOP. There is a huge number of people who make good money playing online poker for small rates. Some of them are so successful, they left their main job and earn their living exclusively by poker.

Absolutely all professionals are convinced that poker is a serious business that requires unique intellectual and psychological skills, and it has nothing to do with gambling. This is not accidently. All those who believe otherwise, are doomed to lose in the beginning of their poker career.