Casino Owners and Bookmakers About the Formation of Online Market

Interest in Online Gambling: Casino

Owners and Bookmakers About the

Formation of Online Market



Online gambling, also known as Internet gambling and iGambling, is a general term for gambling using the Internet.

“In the face of huge amount of players and the fact that the state has no remaining way to control the outcome of foreign websites, the legislature has reconsidered its position in online gambling.

Also as representatives organizations and companies in domain online gambling we are asking online gambling regulation”, said a representative of casinos. The fact is that more and more sites abroad, many of them registered in tax havens such as the Isle of Man and Malta, have begun to advertise aggressively in online gambling. The global online gambling market will rise to 9 billion euro this year, which means 12% of the total gambling market. If online gambling market is only searching its framework, offline gaming is becoming more “black”.

“White market dies and the black one increases. Casino industry which operates legally collapses due to high taxes introduced by the state. President of the National Association for Consumer Protection said, “135 companies were controlled in the dimain of the online gaming, all of them being fined for various problems.”


Interest in Online Gambling Casino Owners and Bookmakers About the Formation of Online Market

iPhones will soon be used as mobile casinos

iPhones will soon be used as mobile



iPhone userswill soon be able to bet with real money at online slots , after the American company Big Fish Games will introduce in the UK a version of its Big Fish Casino, where such games are legal.

The application will be available in the Apple App Store in the coming weeks, and the company Betable, partner of London ‘s Big Fish, will process bets in the program, reports Bloomberg .

Game developers are building digital versions of the casinos in Las Vegas, given that, according to Juniper Research, users of smartphones and tablets will bet 100 billion dollars annually through such devices by 2017, up from about 20 billion dollars last year .

“It is the greatest opportunity for game developers since the apparition of the Internet ,” said Christopher Griffin , CEO of Betable.

In the UK, companies like Betfair Group and William Hill are makeing casino applications for iPhone. Betabile collaborates with several other game manufacturers to launch real money games this year, Griffin said .

Apple Stores are hosting a growing number of casino applications, but the company does not receive a portion of the money from their sale, said Tom Neumayr, a spokesman for the company. These games are allowed in the App Store as long as local laws are complied with, he said.

Last year, Apple prevented Big Fish to operate a subscription- based service that would have given iPad users access to dozens of video games.

Many users pay for virtual currency to bet on slots, poker and other games of Big Fish, although they can not collect winnings. These users are likely to participate in real bets in casinos, said Paul Thelen, general manager of Big Fish.

IPhones will soon be used as mobile casinos for real bets

Online Gambling is Increasing, Annual Revenues Are Estimated at 13 Billion

Online Gambling is Increasing, Annual Revenues Are Estimated at 13 Billion
Online gambling has known as one of the most accelerated growth in the services sector, with annual growth of almost 15 percent and annual revenue estimated at 13 billion euros in 2015.The games are developping in parallel with the rapid advance of technology online. Online gambling services include a range of games such as sports betting and poker, casino games and lotteries, with 6.8 million consumers who participate in one or more types of gambling.

There are also thousands of websites of unregulated online gambling in front of wich consumers are vulnerable and that involve substantial risks such as fraud and money laundering.

Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, Michel Barnier, said about this topic: “Consumers and, in general, all citizens should benefit from adequate protection, fraud and money laundering must be prevented, sport must be protected against match-fixing in the context of betting and national rules must comply with the legislation. These are the objectives of the action plan that we adopted. ”
According to him, children and other vulnerable groups are in need of protection, given that 75 percent younger than 17 years using the Internet. The Commission encourages the development of more efficient tools to verify age and more efficient sorting of filters online content. The Commission also insisted on a more responsible behavior on advertisers and better inform parents about the dangers of gambling.Online Gambling is Increasing, Annual Revenues Are Estimated at 13 Billion
Besides the protection of minors exposed, there is a responsibility towards the citizens and families who have already suffered from gambling addiction (between 0.5 and 3% of the population) or other related behavioral problems, responsibility that may materialize by identifying effective methods of treatment and prevention. To do this is  a better understanding of the causes of the phenomenon is required.
Other measures proposed aim to support benchmarking and testing parental control tools, expanding the scope of the directive on combating money laundering and promoting international cooperation to prevent match-fixing.

Facebook Enters the Online Poker Games. UK Users Can Now Gear Up For Real

Facebook Enters the Online Poker Games. UK Users Can Now Gear Up For Real

Facebook enters the online poker games in the UK with the launch of the first applications that enables users to bet real money, according to British newspaper the Financial Times.

Facebook gives users  aged 18 and over in the UK the opportunity to play online poker or online slots for money prizes.

“Gambling is very popular and well regulated in the UK. Poker for millions of users is already a social activity, so it makes sense to offer it here,” said Julien Codorniou, head of Facebook games Europe, Middle East and Africa.Facebook Enters the Online Poker Games. UK Users Can Now Gear Up For Real
Investors have been speculating for some time about the possibility that Facebook and other social networking sites to introduce gambling to raise the money. Zynga, the largest maker of Facebook games , wants to launch 2013 version of the real money online poker, bingo and slots.

Many markets outside the UK may present increased risks, as regulations vary considerably from one country to another. In the U.S., where Facebook gets most of the revenue, the market for real money gambling through suitable social sites is simply closed. Regulators have begun only recently to allow certain types of gambling at state level and technological challenges to maintain operations within the law are significant, according to the Financial Times.
Launching the online poker game in the UK is an important step, consider Clive Hawkswood, director general of the Association of Remote Gambling, an association of London online gaming operators.


Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Help Africa with Poker

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Help Africa with Poker


Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have confirmed participation in the charity tournament Ante Up for  Africa (AUFA) in the WSOP, which will be held in the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

This is the fourth annual event, organized by World Series of Poker.

Its purpose is to raise funds to help the victims of the crisis in Darfur, Sudan.

This year’s competition, with the entry fee of $ 5 millions was scheduled for July 3.

“We are delighted that Matt and Ben have confirmed their participation in this poker tournament. We are looking forward to other famous show-business stars and poker personalities to join us and help draw attention to the severe crisis in these regions of Africa like Darfur, “- said Annie Duke, one of the founders of Ante Up for Africa.

Damon and Affleck are long-time fans of poker and veterans WSOP Ante Up For Africa. Each of them participated in the previous tournaments AUFA, and were able to compete with professional poker players and celebrities of show business.

Frequent participants in AUFA are popular personalities, as Howard Lederer, Phil Hellmuth, Erik Seidel, Chris Ferguson, Phil Ivey, Charles Barkley, Mike Tyson.

Phil Hellmuth has appeared regularly as the presenter of the competition.

In present, thanks to Ante Up for Africa were raised over $ 3 million to help the population of  Darufa.


Five Stars who Love to Play Poker

Five Stars who Love to Play Poker

Five celebrities who love to play poker
Poker makes “victims” not only among ordinary people but also among the stars. A lot of actors, athletes and TV personalities have adopted this hobby over time, and some of them have even started to participate in official competitions. See here one of the top five best-known stars who are comprised of the poker fever.
Tobey Maguire
The actor, famous for his role in the trilogy “Spider-Man”, is an avid poker player. He enlisted for his  first tournament in 2004 and was trained by the famous professional player Daniel Negreanu. According to the actor’s close friends, Maguire would have won far more than $ 10 million from poker games.


Ben Affleck
Affleck chose learning to play poker from two professionals Amir Vahedi and Annie Duke. In 2004 won the California Poker Championship, qualifying for the world finals of the tournament.


Shannon Elizabeth
Former model, the beautiful actress, known for her roles in movies like “American Pie” and “Scary Movie” considers the poker game as his second career and attends about three times a month poker games with well-known players in the United States, and in Las Vegas. She was coached by Daniel Negreanu and won numerous tournaments and competitions in the field.


Michael Phelps
Multiple world champion and olympic at different swimming competitions, Phelps is 14 times gold medalist at Summer Olympics and is the holder of seven world records. Furthermore, he said he is obsessed with playing poker and he plays online poker whenever he has the opportunity to. His great dream is to attend the World Series of Poker.


Jason Alexander
Broadcaster George Costanza from the famous series “Seinfeld” participated to all kinds of tournaments and poker dedicated competitions and qualified in recent years at the World Series of Poker in 2007, but was eliminated in the second day of the event .