Poverty in The Paradise of Gambling – Las Vegas

Poverty in The Paradise of Gambling - Las Vegas

Poverty in The Paradise of Gambling – Las Vegas


Over 150 hungry people crowded in front of the truck with food. Some of them retire in the shadow, plagued by the deadly sun from outside, while others, “armed” with hats and umbrellas are eagerly awaiting to open the truck doors. Surprisingly, there is no picture torn from Somalia or Afghanistan. People who pounce on bags with canned fruits live even in Las Vegas, until recently pole of entertainment and the paradise of gambling in the United States, writes Financial Times.

Las Vegas is located in Nevada, the state with the highest unemployment rate in the U.S. and with most mortgages. Over 12% of the working population in Nevada is unemployed and almost 13% of children are expelled from their homes with their parents, according to a study Annie E. Casey Foundation.
Mrs. Hudson is one of those persons expected from 7:30 am the food truck. She worked as a human resources manager at a company that manufactured electronic casinos. The company became bankrupt two years ago and never managed to engage.

Las Vegas has always seemed immune to the turmoil in the economy and recovered quickly after the recessions from the 1990s and early 2000s. The domain of construction was not affected by the crises of that period and there were jobs available at all times, even when the number of tourists was down. But now Las Vegas has become the most affected economy of the U.S.region.

A Day at The Casino in Las Vegas

A Day at The Casino in Las Vegas.

How To Play a Salary Obtained in One Year, in Only One Night

A Day at The Casino in Las Vegas. How To Play a Salary Obtained in One Year, in Only One NightIt says that the only way you can make money in a casino is to own it. No wonder that those trying these gambling give the casino owners from around the world at least 100 billion dollars a year. And Las Vegas, this city of sin, city of lights and the city of casinos has only for him 10% of this figure.

At a poker table in the MGM casino from Grand Hotel in a typical weekday evening, four well-dressed gentlemens, most likely managers come to Las Vegas for work, bet on a hand of cards at least a thousand dollars .

Already playing for an hour and they have in front high-value chips, which attract many curious around the table regarding the fate of their game and the fortune of the game players.

Usually such big bets are not made at any ordinary table in the casino, but there is no absolute rarity. “Those four have played around $ 150,000,” said croupier Dave much later, after the game ended.

The amount contained at the same time the watch of one of the players “It is Swiss?”, asks from the other end of the poker table the american named Mike the one who has already lost since the first night 30.0000 dollars, the amount that for others is the salary for a year or more.

Owner gives nod affirmatively, adding that it cost about $15,000 and that he is willing to give it cheaper just to get the funding to recover losses. “I’ll give you $ 5,000 for it”, Mike continued with an air quite generous, facing probably a cumulative amount of $ 50,000.

They negotiated for a few hands of cards and have finally got to an agreement for an amount a little over $ 7,000, money that was lost in the casino anyway until the end of the evening.

The Software That Helps You Win at Roulette

The Software That Helps You Win at Roulette

The Software That Helps You Win at Roulette

Two math teachers have made a computer program which significantly tilted the balance in favor of roulette players, changing the general rule of “casinos house always wining”, writes Daily Mail.
Michael Small, professor of mathematics at the University of Western Australia and Chi Kong Tse, Hong Kong Polytechnic University have developed a simple model that increases the chances of players to win roulette at 18%, compared to a success rate of – 2.7% if they played by odds. More specifically, on average, the player that bets one euro in 100 of games can be expected to have at the end of the night 118 Euro, as opposed to 97 which he normally would.
Researchers have shown that if you know the initial position of the ball on roulette, speed and acceleration force it can be calculated where it would stop. Using a computer, players can register the roulette ball movement several times, thus forming a history of the program that can be used to roughly predict where the ball will land.
Professor Small was able to further increase your chances of winning using a digital camera and image processing software to track the ball.
In roulette, the ball rolls on the edge of a wheel that spins in the opposite direction, loses speed and falls into a numbered slot from 0-37. According to the study researchers, the key is to determine the place where the ball begins to bounce.


Online game “Slot Africa”

Online game “Slot Africa”

If you like wild animals from the jungles of Africa, now you can combine your love of animals with online games, try and spin online slot games.Start the game Slot Africa.Online game Slot Africa

I think this is one of the most beautiful and preferred online slot games that you can play directly without downloading or without money deposit. That’s because it includes a lot of characters loved by everyone, namely the African lion, the zebra from savannah, the wild buffalo, the giant elephant, the dangerous rhino as well as landscapes from this cradle of mankind. Jungle is a dream for all of us and if you do not want to wait you can take a virtual trip in the virtual world of these online slot games for free.

Even here, the play system of this classic game does not change and bet or betting options are the same. To start easy you just need to press the Start button to spin wheels and get surprises. The bravest can choose Bet Max to put the biggest bets. Also you can bet (the dubbing as it sometimes called) on the red and black when you get a good hand. Another indication is about being cautious about inserting loans in the checkout- to speed thing up press 2 times the button Collect. These are the basics of the online game “Slot Africa”.

Cyprus wants to develop a casino industry for reviving the economy

Cyprus wants to develop a casino industry for reviving the economy

Poker cards

Cyprus is urgently preparing a legislative framework for casino industry development, hoping to attract wealthy Russians, in order to revive the economy.  Some euro-zone partners have accused  the state of tolerating suspicious activities undertaken by people and companies from Russia in local banks.

The government has prepared a law project regarding licensing and operating of casino industry, currently waiting for an impact study regarding the initiative viability, said Minister of Trade, Tourism and Industry, George Lakkotrypis.

„We will operate very fast. We are interested in attracting investments for a resort that will also include casinos. Thus we will improve our tourist offer and Cyprus will become a tourist destination for any period of the year”, said the official.

Tourism represents approximately 19% of the Cyprus GDP. Casino industry could bring a significant increase in this sector, given the strong ties with Russia, where such places are no longer legal.

Cyprus is a convenient place for a few sunny days or even weeks, with various options for entertainment, comments Paul Hezfeld, specialized consultant in the casino industry.

„Cyprus could become for Russians what Mallorca is for Germans”, he said.

Warrick Bartlett, another consultant in gambling, considers that Cyprus has a huge potential for development of the casino industry.

„Cyprus is strategically located, close to the Middle East, where many wealthy citizens are now forced to travel to London to play.” However, the highest potential  comes from wealthy Russian visitors”, he comments.

Annual expenditure on gambling in Russia rises to about 170 dollars per person, compared to an average of 82 dollars worldwide, he said.

Russia banned in 2009 most gambling forms, casinos and slot machines are outlawed.

Now most gaming enthusiasts traveling abroad. Belarus is one of the main beneficiaries, says Bartlett.





Casinos in Africa

Casinos in Africa

In Africa, there are 29 countries where there is a casino, and 3 countries where there is bettingCasinos in Africa, including betting on horse racing and dog racing, as well as a new type of gaming establishments – with slots or terminals for the game of poker.

In Africa, the largest number of casinos are located in South Africa, there are 45 casinos and 37793 slots. The largest casino in Africa – it’s GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World, located in Cape Town, South Africa. In this casino there are 60 gaming tables and 3,500 slots and poker terminals (or other gaming machines).

Gambling industry in Africa is developing faster and more active than ever. There are now hundreds of casinos, most of them are located in Egypt (more than 20 casinos) and South Africa (more than 40 casinos). Tourism is a significant source of income economies in Africa, and the tourists love to gamble. For the most part of them, Africa meets their needs.

Casino industry in Africa is going through a period of rapid growth, in connection with it there is a lot of both legal and illegal gambling. For example, representatives of the gambling industry recently signed the first agreement in the history of the continent of co-existence, and Africa was the first in the world to do it, after the United States.

Gambling is the most popular in South Africa, among the major on-line casinos can be enumerated Sun International, Gold Reef Casino Resorts, and Peermont Global. CASA Casino Association represents the interests of legal casinos in South Africa. In just eight years, a new industry – gambling – has brought the budget of 9 provinces, investment of over 12 billion South African rand, adding more than 36 billion South African rand to the overall GDP.