Meet the Top-Ranked PocketFiver in Bulgaria

In June, Alex Dimitrov, known on PocketFives as alexd2, won the PokerStars Sunday $109 Rebuy for $38,000 under the screen name grinder1992. There was no chop that day and Dimitrov led the six PocketFivers at the final table.

“Considering the fact that three months ago I didn’t even think I could go deep in it, I am incredibly happy with this result,” he told us. “I always thought this tourney was a tough and prestigious one.” There were over 700 entrants that day and the prize pool sailed past $200,000.

Dimitrov said that fellow PocketFiver vitinhorrn15, from Brazil, gave him the most trouble at the final table “because he was playing in position. Later on when we were three- and four-handed, he took from me a series of small to medium pots post-flop where I couldn’t do much. Still, I think I managed to keep the lead from the start to the end of the final table.”

As far as his plans for the money go, the top-ranked Bulgarian cited an EPT event as a possibility, but revealed, “I have two or three ideas for some investments outside the poker world and I will need to think about what exactly I want to do with it.”

Let’s get to Bulgaria now. Dimitrov leads the 298 Bulgarian PocketFivers with PLB scores and is #27 worldwide in the PocketFives Rankings. He said of poker in his home country, “Bulgaria is one of the smaller countries and there are not many secrets here. Almost all of the poker players know each other and see each other often. I definitely feel proud to represent my home country online with my scores and love to hear when friends of mine have nice scores as well.”

There are 44 PocketFivers with PLB scores from Sofia, Bulgaria (pictured), including Dimitrov, and the nation’s PocketFivers have amassed $23.1 million in winnings over the years.

The Sunday $109 Rebuy winner got started in poker playing in high school. He explained, “At first, poker was not interesting to me because I didn’t know anything about the game and things didn’t go well, but there was one schoolmate who was always making a profit and he was always the big winner. I talked to him, he give me some advice, and after that I started reading some strategies about the game online. Just a few weeks later, I started winning at school and then started playing online a lot.”

He has been playing full-time for the last four years and generally sticks to online poker. When he’s not tearing up the tables, Dimitrov is a fan of extreme sports. “During the summer, I go kite-surfing with friends and during the winter I love snowboarding,” he gleaned. “I like traveling around the world and, like most people, I like hanging out with friends.”

His largest online cash to date was worth $45,000 and came after a third place finish in thePokerStars Super Tuesday just nine days after his Sunday $109 Rebuy win. To open 2015, he finished second in the 888 Poker Whale and raked in $42,000. Dimitrov is already less than $50,000 away from hitting $1 million in online MTT winnings lifetime.

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