Poverty in The Paradise of Gambling – Las Vegas

Poverty in The Paradise of Gambling - Las Vegas

Poverty in The Paradise of Gambling – Las Vegas


Over 150 hungry people crowded in front of the truck with food. Some of them retire in the shadow, plagued by the deadly sun from outside, while others, “armed” with hats and umbrellas are eagerly awaiting to open the truck doors. Surprisingly, there is no picture torn from Somalia or Afghanistan. People who pounce on bags with canned fruits live even in Las Vegas, until recently pole of entertainment and the paradise of gambling in the United States, writes Financial Times.

Las Vegas is located in Nevada, the state with the highest unemployment rate in the U.S. and with most mortgages. Over 12% of the working population in Nevada is unemployed and almost 13% of children are expelled from their homes with their parents, according to a study Annie E. Casey Foundation.
Mrs. Hudson is one of those persons expected from 7:30 am the food truck. She worked as a human resources manager at a company that manufactured electronic casinos. The company became bankrupt two years ago and never managed to engage.

Las Vegas has always seemed immune to the turmoil in the economy and recovered quickly after the recessions from the 1990s and early 2000s. The domain of construction was not affected by the crises of that period and there were jobs available at all times, even when the number of tourists was down. But now Las Vegas has become the most affected economy of the U.S.region.

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