A Day at The Casino in Las Vegas

A Day at The Casino in Las Vegas.

How To Play a Salary Obtained in One Year, in Only One Night

A Day at The Casino in Las Vegas. How To Play a Salary Obtained in One Year, in Only One NightIt says that the only way you can make money in a casino is to own it. No wonder that those trying these gambling give the casino owners from around the world at least 100 billion dollars a year. And Las Vegas, this city of sin, city of lights and the city of casinos has only for him 10% of this figure.

At a poker table in the MGM casino from Grand Hotel in a typical weekday evening, four well-dressed gentlemens, most likely managers come to Las Vegas for work, bet on a hand of cards at least a thousand dollars .

Already playing for an hour and they have in front high-value chips, which attract many curious around the table regarding the fate of their game and the fortune of the game players.

Usually such big bets are not made at any ordinary table in the casino, but there is no absolute rarity. “Those four have played around $ 150,000,” said croupier Dave much later, after the game ended.

The amount contained at the same time the watch of one of the players “It is Swiss?”, asks from the other end of the poker table the american named Mike the one who has already lost since the first night 30.0000 dollars, the amount that for others is the salary for a year or more.

Owner gives nod affirmatively, adding that it cost about $15,000 and that he is willing to give it cheaper just to get the funding to recover losses. “I’ll give you $ 5,000 for it”, Mike continued with an air quite generous, facing probably a cumulative amount of $ 50,000.

They negotiated for a few hands of cards and have finally got to an agreement for an amount a little over $ 7,000, money that was lost in the casino anyway until the end of the evening.

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