iPhone Used to Cheat in Poker

iPhone Used to Cheat in Poker

The authorities responsible for gambling control in the U.S. state of Nevada (west) have warned the  casinos in the region, including in Las Vegas, that a program installed on the iPhone would allow card counting and might help clients cheatiPhone Used to Cheat in Pokerin poker game.

With the program installed on your phone cards counting become much easier“, wrote Randall Sayre, a member of the supervisor authority of gambling in Nevada, in a letter sent on February 5 to the casinos managers.

He explained that the program can be used also secretly because the phone screen stays switched off, and the program is running if the user knows the location of the keys.

Thus the poker players, for example, of Blackjack or Texas Holdem or any other kind of poker may know at any time the number of cards remaining to be dealt.

Nevada authorities of gambling said that they went on alert after they found many poker players have used this program on the iPhone or iPods from Apple in several casinos from North Carolina (south-east).

In Nevada it is illegal to use various tools to count the cards when playing poker. Players are forced to rely only on mental calculation.

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